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Center for Technology & Innovation, Inc.,  321 Water Street, Binghamton, NY 13901,  
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Please consider investing in the wealth of ideas that is the hallmark of TechWorks!.

Your donation will be matched 200% by a grant from NYS,
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modelled after the Wall of Tolerance at the Civil Rights Center, Montgomery, AL

YOU CAN HONOR THE WORK OF YOUR PARENTS’ and GRANDPARENT’S BY DONATING NOW TO THE TECHWORKS! VISION.  Nowhere else showcases the breadth and depth of the region’s rich heritage of invention and industry.

Your help is needed now to raise $200,000 in 2013 and early 2014 to leverage more than $500,000 in design grants from the 2011New York Works! program.  These grants provide for the detailed design of the TechWorks! development program  which features:

1)  new South Entrance Energy Exhibit

2)  renovation of our vintage Ice Cream factory building to museum-quality space using based on Green Design and Historic Preservation design principles.

3) Installation of pervious paving throughout the site to reduce stormwater runoff and flood risks

The deadline for matching the NYS grants is coming fast. Design work needs to be complete by the 2014 construction season for CT&I to meet it’s obligations for NYS funding support.

Other features of the TechWorks! design, not yet funded,  include:

1) Dynamic displays of vintage technology in action and the creative process of innovation

2) Garden of Ideas with seating, sculptural Decision Trees, and murals related to Watershed and Energy Management to encourage contemplation and exchange of ideas,

3) Rooftop sculpture – an iconic symbol of the region, visible from the junction of Interstates 81, 86, and 88.

Donations to CT&I are fully tax deductible.

Use the Blue Donate to TechWorks! button above to make a secure gift online.

If you prefer, send checks payable to Center for Technology & Innovation to

CT&I,  321 Water Street, Binghamton, NY 13901

IBM will match gifts to CT&I of $ 25 - $5,000 at 50% for retirees and 100% for current IBM employees.  To secure IBM matching funds, please complete a Matching Grant request form, downloadable  here, and mail to CT&I.

Bequests to the Center for Technology & Innovation can be as simple as a codicil added to your will.  Planned giving options can be arranged with your financial or legal advisors.  Please don’t hesitate to call 607-723-8600 for assistance with making a bequest to support the TechWorks! Vision.

In 2010/11, more than 100 individuals helped leverage challenge grants from the Community Foundation for South Central New York and the Miller S. and Adelaide S. Gaffney Foundations for emergency repairs of our vintage ice cream factory.

Our 2012 target is a ten-fold increase in donors to leverage more than $500,000 in design grants recently announced by the New York Works! program.  Please consider investing in the wealth of ideas that is the hallmark of TechWorks!

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