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New South Entrance Emerging Energy Exhibit

Highlights of the South Entrance design concept include code compliant exit stair from 2nd floor, ADA compliant sloped plaza providing universal access to historic entrance 36" above grade, where the lobby, gift shop, cloak room, and convenience stair to the second floor are located.  From top to bottom, the renewable energy exhibit design concept includes:

1)  Array of wind turbines on second story roof of 1912 structure    (models to be selected in consultation with NYSERDA, focusing on NYS design and manufacturers),

2) Cornice of Solar Panels, set at 42 degree angle; with new technologies from BU and other NYS solar research facilities to be added as they emerge,

3) Roof, a trapezoid set at 30 degree angle, clad with Solar Thermal Panels, manufactured in Broome County,

4) Roof drain - 10""-12" diameter vertical pipe of transparent glass/plastic, with flow meter displaying volume of water captured, supplementing storm water runoff mural on nearby flood wall,