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Southern Tier in Space 1960-2010

Ed White uses Anscochrome 200 on his Gemini IV EVA, a mission supported by flight simulators from Link Aviation Devices, avionics from General Electric-Westover, Johnson City, NY, and IBM-Owego, whose guidance computer was the first use of silicon transistors in space, as well as the first use of a digital computer in space to change a spacecraft's orbit.
Gemini IV (Image S65-30427)
June 1965   courtesy of NASA-JSC

Shuttle Mission Specialist Doug Wheelock, graduate of Windsor High School, Broome County, NY, installing solar panels for the International Space Station. Space Shuttle door and arms are manipulated with aluminum components from Phillips Foundry and flexible shafts from Elliot Manufacturing, both Binghamton, NY companies.
Space Shuttle (STS-120) July 2007
courtesy NASA-JSC

A View from the Top
A photo essay by Astronaut Douglas Wheelock

Ed White Gemini IV Doug Wheelock

Apollo 16 Commander John W. Young looks back at crewmen Thomas K. Mattingly II, left, and Charles M. Duke, Jr., prior to entering the Command Module Mission Simulator today.

Kennedy Space Center
KSC-72P-0117  1972-04-12

Doug Wheelock on an EVA during Expedition 24
Summer 2010

Expedition 24: Life in Space

NASA TV channel on YouTube

Upstate New York has a heritage  that continues today of creative technology enterprises, whose guidance systems, computers, flight simulators, cameras, and high-speed film helped the US win the race to the moon.

Douglas Wheelock

Douglas Hurley

Eileen Collins

Daniel Bursch

Meet Southern Tier's Astronauts

Photos courtesy of NASA

A Laptop in Space