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Center for Technology & Innovation, Inc.,  321 Water Street, Binghamton, NY 13901,  
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Acquisition and transportation made possible by the generous support of IBMers – esp. David Adour, Robert Garner, Bill Green, IBM Almaden/Geodis, IBM Archives, K. Joshi,
Don Rex, Don Seraphim - and Will Donzelli,  OK Data, Luc Sohy, & Wiss, Janney, Elstner.

The Center's IBM equipment is in new "digs" at the TechWorks! Workshop - the Vintage IBM Computing Center.  Mid 20th c. IBM equipment from around the world has been assembled on a raised floor salvaged from IBM Plant # 1 in Endicott  (donated by Huron Real Estate) at the TechWorks! Workshop.

IBM 1441 CPU, IBM 1447 Console, IBM 1311 disk drive, IBM 1442 card reader punch, IBM 1403 Printer,
IBM 082 card sorter, IBM 026 key punch, IBM 129 key punch, IBM 108 card proving machine
Place mouse pointer over machine to see model number.

IBM 1403-N1 printer IBM 1442 card reader punch IBM 1447 Console IBM 1441 CPU IBM 1311 disk drive IBM 082 card sorter

Vintage IBM Computing Center

Emerson Pugh speaks on Building IBM at the May 16, 2015 event.

Visitors to VICC - July 10, 2015

From left to right:

Bill Green ...Mainframe team

George Ahearn ...1401 CPU design

Byron Rucker...1401 CPU design

Susan Sherwood...Director of Tech Works

Bob Lusch...Printer team

Tom Schappe...Printer team

Fred Petras...Mainframe team

IBM 1401 is delivered to TechWorks!

Click here for info on the delivery.