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Who are we?

Board of Directors, Center for Technology & Innovation

Erik Antonsson, Professor, Engineering Design Research Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA.

Dr. Antonsson served as Chief Technologist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory while on leave from Caltech
(2002-2005).  A graduate of Vestal High School, he holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell (BS,1976) and MIT (PhD, 1982).

Paul Ceruzzi, Curator of Aerospace Electronics and Computing, National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC.  

Dr. Ceruzzi is the author of several books for MIT Press, including Computing, a Concise History (2012),A History of Modern Computing (2003, 2nd ed.) and Beyond the Limits: Flight Enters the Computer Age (1989). He earned a BA in History from Yale (1972) and a PhD in American Studies from U. Kansas (1981).

Farouk El-Baz, Director, Center for Remote Sensing, Boston University, Boston, MA

Dr. El-Baz chaired the Apollo Astronaut Training Group, before founding the Center for Earth & Planetary Studies at the National Air & Space Museum in 1973.  In 1986, he established the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, which he continues to lead. He holds a PhD in Geology from U. Missouri (1964).

Charles Goodwin, Endicott, NY  Executive Director, NYSTEA  Chair, Building Committee           

Mr. Goodwin has led the NYS Technology and Engineering Educators Association (NYSTEEA) since 2002.  After three decades, he retired in 2003 as chair of the Technology & Manage-ment Sciences Department, Union-Endicott High School. He is a long-time member of Epsilon Pi Tau, the International Technology Educators Association, and the Society of Plastics Engineers. Mr. Goodwin earned a B.S. in Industrial Arts (1967) and an M.S. in Technology Education (1973) from SUC Oswego (NY).

John Grady, retired Architect and Exhibit Designer, New York, NY    Board Vice President

Mr. Grady was a Partner and Principal at Chermayeff & Geismar Inc., New York, NY, from 1972-1999.  His museum credits include the JFK Library, Boston; Visitor Centers in Endicott and Binghamton, and the D-Day Museum, New Orleans.  A graduate of Binghamton High School, he earned degrees in Architecture from Princeton University (AB,1962) and Harvard (M Arch, 1966).

Mark Kriebel, President, Arranged Sound, Inc. Johnson City, NY     Board Treasurer

Mr. Kriebel has been a principal in a MUZAK franchise serving a 10 county area of New York for more than 25 years.  In 2006-7, he was a Rotary International District Governor and in 2010 received the Order of the Arrow, the Boy Scouts of America highest honor for his work on local and national Boards.  A graduate of Vestal High School, Mr. Kriebel earned a BA in Music at Ithaca College in 1974.

Tommyhing H. Lam, Lockheed Martin Fellow at Mission Systems and Training

Mr. Lam is a Lockheed Martin Fellow, specializing in antenna research and development. Tommy holds a BSEE from SUNY Buffalo, and a MSEE from NYU-Poly. He was the founder of the IEEE Binghamton Section Antenna Propagation Society (APS) Chapter, and currently serves as the Chapter Chair. He was a recipient of the 2012 Asian American Engineer Of the Year (AAEOY) award.

Debra Morello, VP for Student & Economic Development, SUNY Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY

Donald P. Seraphim, IBM Fellow, retired, Vestal, NY                         Board Secretary

Dr. Seraphim pioneered advances in integrated circuits packaging technology at IBM’s Systems Products Division Laboratory in Endicott, after early work in field effect transistors.  Dr. Seraphim holds BASc., MASc. degrees from the University of British Columbia,  and a PhD from Yale University.  He is a member of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) Legion of Honor.

Emily V. Wade, President, Museum Institute for Teaching Science, Boston, MA

In 1983, Ms. Wade founded the Museum Institute for Teaching Science (MITS) and continues as the MITS President.  She is past president of the MIT Alumni Association, earning a BS in Chemistry in 1945.

C. Roger Westgate, Professor and former Dean of the Watson School of Engineering,  Binghamton University (BU), Binghamton, NY                         Board President

Dr. Westgate is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of the Center for Autonomous Solar Power at BU.  He also teaches at Johns Hopkins University as Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering (1975-2000; 2008-present), with a joint appointment in Mechanical Engineering (1979-87).  
A graduate of Binghamton High School, he earned degrees in Electrical Engineering from RPI (BEE, 1962) and Princeton University (PhD, 1966).

The Center for Technology & Innovation is an all-volunteer organization.

Susan Sherwood has directed the Center for Technology & Innovation (CT&I) since 2003. Prior, she held management positions at the Kuwait Museum of Islamic Art, The Scientific Center of Kuwait, and Roberson Museum & Science Center. From 1977–1995, she directed the National Park Service research on acid rain impacts on historic buildings and statues. Projects include pollution and humidity control at Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, to preserve salt sculptures, and a regional strategy to enhance visitor experience at the Taj Mahal. As a result, pollution has been halved in both cities. Ms. Sherwood holds degrees in Classical Archaeology and Chemistry from Bryn Mawr College and in Roman Archaeology from Aarhus University, Denmark, where she studied as a Rotary Foundation Fellow. In 2003, she was a Senior Research Fellow at the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center.

In Memoriam

Herb Griffith, Jr., CEO, ITS Communications, Endicott, NY, first president of CT&I Board; Stanley Hayes, Program Manager, Link Aviation, retired, Greene, NY;  and  Arthur Rosenblatt, FAIA, Thomas Jefferson medalist, New York City, were all members of the CT&I Board at the time of their deaths.